St. George: Waiting with the fishes

After months of seeing the lugubrious black shrouded boxes standing in the middle of the waiting room, commuters will be glad to see the shrouds removed and life returning to the big glass tanks. The fish are back in the swim at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in St. George! The tanks have not had an easy existence so far; the original population of 400 fish was decimated by unhealthy conditions during the first two years and then finally killed off entirely by Hurricane Sandy. Hopefully some lessons have been learned from those experiences. The new fish are tiny, a big letdown after the beautiful large tropical fish of the past, but they will grow over time and maybe will be as beautiful as their unfortunate predecessors. One nice new feature is that the two tanks represent two different continents: The one on the left as you enter is stocked with fish from lakes in Africa and the one on the right (photo below) provides a home to fish from the Amazon River in South America. The maintenance of the tanks is being underwritten by Chase Bank.



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