Staten Island Ad Absurdum: the end of Richmond Terrace

Following Richmond Terrace from its beginnings at the ferry terminal in St. George, all the way west along the North Shore to its logical, though somewhat absurd, conclusion gives us our first image in the category of Staten Island Ad Absurdum.

Richmond Terrace ad absurdum

Richmond Terrace ad absurdum

It ends at a locked chain link fence. Actually, it goes on beyond the chain link fence, into the container port area that leads, after just a thousand feet, to the waters of the Kill Van Kull. The long, cantilever bridge in the distance is the Goethals Bridge, linking Staten Island and New Jersey. In front of it is a smaller truss span (slightly darker in color). This is the Arthur Kill Lift Bridge, a single track rail bridge which is used to transport container freight from the container terminal to New Jersey. It works by lowering the truss span to meet the roadway in order to allow trains to pass. Afterwards, the span is lifted back up into this normal position, high enough to allow shipping to pass underneath.

This area is called Howland Hook. At this spot the Proctor & Gamble company built a very large manufacturing complex in 1907, where the very popular Ivory Soap was made – thus, the name of the adjoining community, called Port Ivory. The factory complex was closed and torn down in 1991 and the New York Container Terminal now takes its place.


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