Wintry Westervelt Avenue

Getting kind of hot around here? Cool down contemplating this view on Westervelt Avenue in the snow.wintrywestervelt

After posting this picture, I decided to take a walk to Westervelt Avenue and see how the house looked in the heat of the July Fourth weekend.

IMG_2194I had to stand there a few moments to be sure it was the same house. It was such a disappointment. The house looked wearied by summer and the scruffy greenery around it was only adding to the annoyance. How much happier it looked in winter! I also found that it was not directly on Westervelt Avenue, but about 100 feet uphill from it, on another street called….. WINTER Avenue! Now, can someone fix it up so that it looks just as crisp and healthy in summer as in winter… or would that necessitate changing the name of the street?


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