What is that rocking boat thingie at the Ferry Terminal?

If you ever use the pedestrian walkway to enter the St. George Ferry Terminal from Richmond Terrace, you may have asked yourself that question at some point during the past two weeks. A wooden box about six feet tall has appeared on the concrete terrace that runs over the train yards just before the entrance to the terminal building. It has some odd protrusions of a nautical nature: two ends of a rowboat, a small beach ball, a larger ball in the shape of the earth, a little plastic flag on top. Maybe you pass by just as some young children are slapping the earth back and forth in its wooden nook. Or maybe you see a teenager or two rocking it on its rounded base. Did somebody leave that there by mistake? It piques your interest but you’re in a hurry, the boat is coming in and you pass it with only the most casual curiosity.

But as odd as it may seem to find a work of art here at the corner of Concrete and Chain Link Fence, it is a work of art, indeed. And if you are especially observant you may notice the red sign attached to the light pole nearby: Aquatic Random, a sculpture by Gabriela Galván. Ah ha!

Gabriela Galván in front of her sculpture Aquatic Random

The charming Gabriela Galván in front of her sculpture Aquatic Random. Photo by G. Rajan

Gabriela Galván is a Mexican American artist who lives in Brooklyn. She has a ready smile and a contagious enthusiasm. According to the accompanying sign, her sculpture Aquatic Random is meant to provoke thought about man’s relationship to the sea, in light of global warming and the expectations of different cultural groups. This work is part of the DOT’s public art program. Keep up the good work, Gabriela, we hope to see more soon!


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