Telephone Poles: the monster that devoured Staten Island

What is one urban renewal initiative that could have an enormous impact on the aesthetic appearance of the North Shore? Bury those unsightly telephone and utility poles. I mean UNSIGHTLY in all caps.. unsightly beyond any reasonable expectation. Unsightly and UNSEEN, like the movie The Monster That Devoured Cleveland, which was eternally playing in the town that Dobie Gillis lived in but was never seen. What I mean is, humans have the ability to ignore the things that they don’t want to see, and it is amazing to hear the responses I get when I mention telephone poles to people around here. “What telephone poles?” is the usual response. WHAT TELEPHONE POLES???????!!!!! Are you kidding me??? Here is the charming funky block of Wall Street between St. Marks Place and Stuyvesant Place, first with its telephone poles in all their chaotic glory.

wallstbigpolesOh, those telephone poles. 

Now, how Wall Street looks with all those mad poles photoshopped away. Umm, maybe you can see a difference.


The burial of the telephone lines have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of maintenance and cost. Can’t we begin to have a serious discussion about getting rid of these hideous blights on our streetscapes?


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