Judge Jacob Tysen House next to Snug Harbor, a hidden treasure of S.I. History


What are those disturbing inappropriate capitals on the columns of this Greek Revival building? See below.

Just outside the East gate of Snug Harbor Cultural Center stands a little know historic home that bears witness to the rich history of this fascinating institution. Barely seen behind high iron gates and vegetation is the Judge Jacob Tysen house, where the physician to the (Sailor’s) Snug Harbor institution once lived.

Find the lack of appropriate capitals on those facade columns disturbing? Here is one in storage in the basement.

Here is one of the original capitals in storage in the basement. It is in an eclectic style, beyond Corinthian.

During Open House New York, 2013 it was possible to tour the house with its curator. The exterior does not bode well, but the interior is exceptionally well preserved, retaining its architectural integrity and decorations from a century ago. It is owned by the Historic Richmondtown organization. Several decades ago there were plans to move it to Richmondtown, but fortunately, that plan was never realized. However, the house has seemingly dropped down in Richmondtown’s list of priorities, and completely dropped off the radar of Staten Island’s attractions promoters. Now that the Snug Harbor Cultural Center is becoming an important home to cultural institutions, Isn’t it time to restore this magnificent house more carefully and open it to the public?


1 thought on “Judge Jacob Tysen House next to Snug Harbor, a hidden treasure of S.I. History

  1. the inside was partially restored by the Ralph R McKee Vo-Tech in 1980-81 years.The capitails you see were supposed to be repaired and replaced.They ran out of funding and it sits now.We were told the next class was supposed to restore the exterior.

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