Show some love for Tompkinsville?

Tompkinsville is a historic area just at the edge of St. George. The settlement was founded by Daniel Tompkins, the fourth governor of New York and the sixth Vice President of the USA at the place where Dutch settlers would replenish their fresh water supplies as they entered the harbor. The center of Tompkinsville is probably this intersection of Victory Boulevard and Bay Street, where many bus lines stops on their way to and from the far flung towns of the North and South Shores. The little park here is a pleasant place to get out away from the bustle. The area has a lot of daily foot traffic, and is a perfect area to become a commercial hub, thus drawing some future development pressure away from the more preservation worthy parts of St. George. But Tompkinsville is not “desirable” at present and is blighted by neglected structures and haphazard urban planning. It could use a little love.

The view up Victory Boulevard from Tompkinsville Park

The view up Victory Boulevard from Tompkinsville Park

Could we begin by imagining this busy area without the raging chaos of telephone and electrical cables that crisscross overhead? Here is a photo taken from a bench in the park, looking up at the first block of Victory Boulevard, both in its present state and then photoshopped to show what it would look like without the wires and the shadows that they cast on everything below.

Now isn't that MUCH better?

Now isn’t that MUCH better?


A previous post here on The Rock Across the Harbor showed a similar wishful transformation on Wall Street in St. George. Here it is.


1 thought on “Show some love for Tompkinsville?

  1. I love your photoshopped pics with the horrible tangle of wires removed. What are our options here as a community? I understand it is cost prohibitive to bury the lines (although other communities seem to have done it…). What would it take to at least clean up our existing lines? There are 15 (!) wires that run past my home on a quiet residential street. Why so many? Can we eliminate some of them?

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