Battery Carousel will start rotating by August ….

CurbedNY article After years of delay … the signs up at the Battery still say “Opening 2013!”… the SeaGlass Carousel is scheduled to open in August, 2015, according to reports in CurbedNY and Untapped Cities. Perhaps it was delayed because of the seemingly endless landscaping work being done in the park … or maybe it was financing – the Curbed article states that “As of late May, deep-pocketed patrons still had the opportunity to sponsor a fish for a mere $100,000.” The nautical themed carousel is unique with some interesting features. The ride will cost a very reasonable five dollars, so it should prove to be very popular among the tourists who walk by this park in droves, just looking around for something to do. . Untapped Cities article New structures and landscaping in the Battery are getting their finishing touches, so that the park, which has been a torn up mess for several years, is beginning to sign with renewed beauty. For more description of the ride experience and the carousel’s structure, click on the photos to be directed to the relevant articles.


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