Welcome to el Rancho Tompkinsville!

One of the nice things about living on the eastern edge of St. George is the proximity of the Mexican shops that have been appearing downhill in Tompkinsville. Bakeries, barber shops and novelty stores with polite service and the strains of Mexican music are something new in this area and a welcome addition to the usual mix.

Fiesta Poblana at Corson and Daniel Low Terrace

Fiesta Poblana at Corson and Daniel Low Terrace

Now Victory Boulevard and Corson Avenue can boast several authentic Mexican restaurants that put to shame the Taco Bells and the tacky Frat house crawl-bar atmosphere of Tex-Mex eateries elsewhere on the island. Unfortunately, most people on Staten Island would dismiss Tompkinsville as an unappealing working class neighborhood and they would never think to look for a good restaurant there. That’s a shame, because these restaurants deserve a chance to introduce themselves to lovers of Mexican cuisine.

At Fiesta Poblana one can have a delicious meal washed down with any of several good Mexican beers. Their simple dining room is pretty bare, but that’s not the point – the food is excellent and very reasonably priced. At El Gallo Azteca, a couple of blocks away at Corson Avenue and Victory Boulevard, the atmosphere is that of a fast food place, but the offerings (tacos, quesadillas, etc.) are carefully made and very reasonably priced. They have a fantastic juke box full of Mexican music. Even if you don’t play anything, it is fun to flip through the CD pictures of the featured bands, all the big stars of Mexican banda music are there. But if you don’t want to sit there in the hubbub of the shop, then order to go. The food is great.

Play the jukebox full of Norteña favorites!

A jukebox full of norteña and ranchera favorites!

So if you find yourself in this area, have a meal at Fiesta Poblana or take a snack at El Gallo Azteca, or stop in at one of the other eateries, you won’t be disappointed.