The Photo

The homepage photo (above) is a view of the North Shore community of Mariners Harbor, as seen from the footpath on the Bayonne Bridge


The Bayonne Bridge is seen here from St. George. It is one of the least known bridges in the harbor despite its beauty. Its graceful arch spans the Kill Van Kull, the shipping channel that separates North Shore Staten Island from New Jersey. This bridge is an almost exact predecessor of the far more famous Harbour Bridge in Sydney, without the massive decorative pylons that visually anchor the latter.


Barge traffic in the Kill Van Kull. The industrial zones of Newark Bay in New Jersey are seen in the background.

Want to know more about the Bayonne Bridge? View the slideshow of bridge inspired artworks at the Noble Maritime Museum website, and read more about its history at Blogblot.

All photos on this blog, unless otherwise noted, are by Dominic Ambrose


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